February 19, 2004


My comment was published in this week's New Scientist (in the Feedback section):

FINALLY, Jennifer Griffin's email server automatically labels messages it thinks are spam, so that they can be spotted more easily. Earlier this month she came across this subject line in her inbox: "SPAM: The Perfect Valentine's Day Gift."

Some people, Griffin points out, prefer chocolates or flowers.

I got another email a few days later:

SPAM: The Tasty Way to Their Heart

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February 13, 2004

Together at Last

This was in the latest New Scientist:

THE library at reader Shaun Plumb's place of work helpfully sends out notices of new books - in this case Masters of Doom: How two guys created an empire and transformed pop culture".

"This," the memo said, "is the story of the Lenin and McCartney of the video game industry..." and so Plumb and friends set up leninandmccartney.blogspot.com, as one does, in tribute....

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