January 06, 2005

Stupid things I have done

I left the key in my car last week when a colleague and I went out to get quesadillas for lunch. Worse yet, I left the car running. I got out of the car and couldn't figure out why it was making such a loud noise (it has a fan that runs briefly after parking, but this was much louder). I finally figured it out when I tried to lock the car, realized I didn't have my key, and found it in the ignition.

I made deviled eggs for our New Year's Day Wingding last week. I set a timer for boiling the eggs, walked away, and completely forgot about them. Some unknown number of minutes later I realized that I hadn't heard the timer, ran to check the eggs, and discovered that the timer had already gone off. In the end they turned out fine, maybe a little overcooked, but still quite edible. Of course I forgot to eat any during the party, but this is normal for me.

I cried in the grocery parking lot on New Year's Eve. For no good reason, other than I was tired of shopping (never send a pregnant woman out grovery shopping the afternoon of New Year's Eve) and it was raining and I was unable to find any fruit in the store except for apples and oranges. And I couldn't find the right kind of root beer. And I forgot to buy eggnog. And the checkout lady was slow. It was one of those kinds of days, and I started sobbing as I was putting the groceries in my car. A cart-boy offered to help; I declined, but he helped anyway and was nice and took the cart away when we were finished. And as soon as I got in the car, I burst into tears. It's not a good idea to drive home in the rain while crying, but I made it home safely, where I started yelling at Gary for no good reason.

I have lost my checkbook. It's somewhere in my office, but not where it should be.

I lost the rebate form for Emily's camera memory. It's probably hanging out with my checkbook.

I have said stupid things to Gary that I have later regretted. I can't remember what I said, but I remember yelling at him several times in the past few weeks, only to feel bad moments later.

I was convinced that I wouldn't get morning sickness because after several weeks of pregnancy I hadn't been sick yet.

I have had weird, stupid cravings for food, bought said food, eaten some of it, and left the rest in the fridge. Our house is filled with food I never want to see again (as of this writing): cottage cheese, plain yogurt, apple cider, carrots, meat, raisins, pudding, cheese, etc. Some were genuine cravings (like the pudding), some I bought because it was the only thing that didn't sound disgusting at the time.

I had such a craving for fruit a few days ago that I couldn't wait the 20 minutes for the fruit guy to show up at work (we have fresh fruit delivered to our office weekly), and instead went and bought some juice at a nearby sandwich shop. I bought 2 containers, thinking I might like some the next day. I was wrong. I'd say this was the second genuine craving I've had. The first was for chocolate pudding, about a week ago. I drove to the store at nearly 9 at night to buy some (yes, I could have asked Gary, but I thought that was rude). I prefer my cravings for healthy food; they seem less bad.

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