June 02, 2005

Two months to go!

I am 2 months away from my due date! If I delivered today, he'd have a decent chance at survival (although I'd prefer if he waited another month).

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for a regular checkup, which went well. The baby was head down (although he can still move around a lot) and his heart rate is good. We talked about Braxton-Hicks contractions, which apparently I have had, I just didn't know that that's what they were. They aren't painful, just a little uncomfortable sometimes.

I've noticed in the past few weeks that he's been kicking less and rolling a lot more. At first I liked this, because sometimes his kicks were pretty hard. But, the rolling lasts a lot longer, and is a weirder sensation (plus it can be quite distracting). My belly has some funky movements sometimes, much to Gary's amusement, I think!

Gary and I started a "Preparing for Birth" class last night. We met a lot of interesting couples, most of whom are due at the end of July or August, all of them first time parents. This class covered general labor stuff, like the different stages of labor, how to know if you're in labor (and when to go to the hospital), and a brief overview of what to expect while in the hospital. We will be covering breathing and relaxation technigues, drugs, and C-sections in later classes. There was also a lot of discussion about how we felt about delivery (either as the mother or support person), if we were looking forward to it, what we had heard it was like, and what we hoped for.

Personally, I am a bit anxious about the delivery itself, but a lot less so than I was a few months ago. I expect it to be painful, but at the same time it's still a unique life experience. I guess I could say the same about having my wisdom teeth removed, but there's more build-up to having a baby. Plus the end results are more fun and rewarding. The women I talked to seemed to feel the same way I do, sort of anxious but also excited. The men (aka support people) in the group seemed like they were looking forward to the delivery much less. Several of them voiced concerns over their own performance (would they be supportive enough) and having to see their partners be in a lot of pain. It was reassuring to me that other couples had some of the same concerns and questions we do.

My friends had a baby shower for me (well, technically for the baby) a few weeks ago, so we are well on our way to being prepared for the baby's arrival. My office is now slightly more nursery like; we moved the dresser so it's against the wall (and therefore useable), and the crib is in a position we like. This weekend I sorted through all the baby clothes we've received and put them away (but I still need to wash them). Most of the clothing we have is sized 3-6 months, so I hope our kid is small enough to use them for awhile, but not so small that we need to go and get more newborn clothing. Popular themes this year are ducks, frogs, and crabs.

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