March 19, 2006

Time to childproof

Sorry for the complete lack of information for the past few months. My schedule at work has been horrible, and until pretty recently Gary was working very long hours, too. We've been taking pictures, but haven't put anything on the website recently.

The big news here is....Elliot is crawling! He's been making crawling-like motions for the past week or so, but yesterday he really did it. And the first thing he headed for was a power cord. Such a cute baby!

We haven't done any childproofing at all. None. Not even the little electical outlet thingies. We keep him in his bedroom or the den and watch him very closely. Right now he doesn't move very fast, so it's not so hard to move him before he gets in trouble. But I can see we have our work cut out for us.

My Persian New Year resolution is to post more often. Promise!

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