Gary’s Socks

version 1.0

This is my first attempt at knitting a pair of socks without a pattern. The next pair should be even better. If you have any questions or improvement ideas, please email me: webmaster at jengriffin dot com.

#6 (US) dpn (4)
Gauge: 27 rows and 20 stitches stockinette over 4"
Yarn: Patons Fireside 8 ply, 100% wool, 50g/90m per skein
MC: just over 2 skeins (see notes below)
CC: one skein (see notes below)

Cast on 48 stitches (cable cast on) MC
Knit all stitches without joining ends
Join ends and knit 2x2 ribbing just over 5 inches
Knit in plain stockinette 2 inches
Divide for heel flap: 24 stitches each half (knit first 12 stitches of needle #1 with needle #3, put other 4 stitches of #1 and #3 on #2: beginning of round should be in center of flap)
Start heel flap with purl stitches and CC
Slip (as if to purl) first stitch of each row
Knit in plain stockinette until there are 23 rows (end on a purl row)
Turn Heel:
K16, sl1, k1, psso (skp)
s1, p8, p2tog
s1, k8, skp
End by knitting all the way across (10 st total)

Pick up 13 stitches through both loops with MC
*Knit one round plain
Decrease round: #1: knit to 3 stitches, k2tog, k1; #2: knit all 24 st; #3: k1, ssk, knit to end
Repeat from * until 12 st left on #1 and #3 each (48 st total)
knit plain until foot is long enough
Join in CC for toe, arrange stitches as follows #1 (12), #2 (24), #3 (12)
*Decrease round: #1: knit to 3 stitches, k2tog, k1; #2: k1, SSK, knit to 3 stitches, k2tog, k1; #3: k1, SSK, knit to end (44 stitches total)
Knit 2 rounds plain
Repeat from * once more (40 stitches total)
Do same decrease round, followed by a single round of plain knitting
Repeat these 2 rounds until there are 28 st total
Do 3 more decrease rounds (16 st total)
Knit #1 4 stitches onto #3 (8 stitches on each needle)
Kitchener to end sock.


Try knitting ribbing with smaller needles, or fewer stitches (44?); ankle seems a little loose.
Add some stripes in 2nd color in ankle and foot.
I measured my leftover yarn to estimate yardage:
MC: ~200 meters needed
CC: ~65 meters needed

This pattern is copyright 2000 by Jennifer A. Griffin
It may be copied for personal use only

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