Iowa, June 2003

Gary and I went to Iowa this spring for my 10 year college reunion and to visit his family. I haven't had much time to write text to go with the pictures yet, but I figured if I didn't upload these soon it wasn't ever going to happen!

View of Gates Tower, Grinnell College

Building East Campus, Grinnell College

We stayed with Spevie and Charlie in Des Moines for a few days

Darlene and Gary

Darlene took us to see the new bridge at Gray's Lake. The lights are halogen lights, but they used special glass to cast colored lights on to the walkway.

Greg, Gary, and Darlene walking on the bridge

Me with Kathryn, a former colleague at Pioneer HiBred (we had just finished eating at the North End Diner.)

Gary's Aunt Dee and Charlie

Our friends Warren and Patty have a pet store in Des Moines. While we were there they had 2 Egyptian Mau cats.

We spent a day in Ames, but while we were driving there we ran into a huge thunderstorm.

And while in Ames we had to go back to the newly remodeled Hickory Park. It was good, but not as good as it used to be.

Gary's cousin Sarah and her daughter Trisha

Trisha and DJ

Our last night in Iowa we went out to the Machine Shed with most of Gary's family. (clockwise at lower left: Jamie, Grant, JR, Charlie, Spevie, Dee, DJ, Judy, Wonnie, Gary)