Jennifer A. Griffin
j a g r e s u m e AT j e n g r i f f i n . c o m



4/06 - 7/06 Independent Contractor

· Continued responsibilities for FivePrime Therapeutics as an independent contractor

11/05 - 4/06 Programmer, Legal Department
FivePrime Therapeutics, Inc.

· Assisted in preparation of patent applications
· Prepared tables, sequence alignments, and sequence appendices for analysis and patents
· Populated and updated CPi Patent Database
· Used CPi Patent Database to track patent conversions
· Performed freedom-to-operate searches on proteins of interest
· Performed sequence analyses and prepared tables and figures for presentation to collaborators
· Responsible for docketing completed patent applications
· Continued to provide integral support for Informatics Department (including duties below)

1/03 - 11/05 Programmer, Informatics Department
FivePrime Therapeutics, Inc.

· Co-developed core bioinformatics infrastructure
· Screened human and mouse library sequences for novelty and quality
· Datamined internal and external proprietary databases for genes of interest
· Assisted in evaluating Affymetrix U133 microarray chip for possible internal use
· Maintained in-house system of gene annotation, based on publicly available sequences and proprietary sequence analyses
· Assisted Legal Department in sequence analysis and patent applications
· Maintained databases and flat-files of sequences included in all patent applications
· Trained colleagues in above work


6/01 - 1/03 Scientific Programmer, Protein Family Biology
Incyte Genomics, Inc.

· Datamined and screened splice variant sequences for uniqueness and quality
· Co-developed faster and more efficient automated screening software
· Led team in annotating all new finished full length genes (~700 genes per month)
· Designed and implemented software to annotate finished sequences automatically
· Designed and implemented applications for and trained group in use of multi-CPU load-sharing platform (LSF)
· Continued to perform duties below


2/00 - 6/01 Senior Bioinformatics Associate, Protein Family Biology
Incyte Genomics, Inc.

· Datamined Incyte’s clone collection, public ESTs, and public genomic sequences for genes of interest to Pfizer and Incyte scientists
· Compiled and generated sequence information and annotation pertaining to human transcripts for final hand curation
· Reported daily on dataminers’ progress to Pfizer
· Optimized datamining software to save hundreds of CPU hours per week
· Exceeded quarterly datamining goals set by external contract with Pfizer
· Trained team members in use of datamining software
· Hand curated 50+ genes to full length, most of which have been submitted to the US Patent Office


1/99 - 5/00 Independent Contractor

· Created a web-based/CGI ordering system for Media Kitchen, Incyte Genomics
· Designed and deployed web site for Napa-Solano Psychological Association


1/99 - 2/00 Senior Research Associate/Team Lead, Nucleotide Discovery and Closure (ND&C)
Incyte Genomics, Inc.

· Successfully managed team of three people in meeting weekly and monthly goals
· Modified several lab protocols to reduce costs and improve efficiency
· Tracked lab inventory and ordered supplies
· Maintained AlphaImager PC, software, and associated hardware
· Designed and maintained website for Nucleotide Discovery and Closure lab
· Continued to perform duties below



2/98 - 12/98 Research Associate, Extension Team, Full Length Extension & Sequencing (FLEAS)
Incyte Genomics, Inc.

· Generated putative full-length clones using inverse PCR (‘Extension’ process)
· Trained new team members in ‘Extension’ process
· Managed team for several months while team lead on leave of absence
· Assisted with sequence data analysis on Unix using various Perl scripts and Excel
· Designed and maintained web pages for FLEAS lab

9/96-10/97 Research Associate, Soybean Breeding Department
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

· Performed genetic screening of soybeans using marker-assisted selection
· Routinely used PCR, Southern blotting, AFLP, chemiluminescence and 32P hybridization

9/94-9/96 Research Assistant, Trait and Technology Development
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.

· Confirmed successful gene insertion into transgenic plants
· Developed cloning strategies and used recombinant DNA techniques

· Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, Macintosh, and Linux/Unix systems
· Perl and some Java programming
· FileMakerPro, Excel, Access, Word, GCG, vi, Consed, Oligo, HTML, AlphaImager, CPi
· Standard bioinformatics programs (e.g., blast, clustalw, align0,…)
· Sequence and motif databases (e.g., Genpept, SwissProt, Pfam,…)
· Genomics websites (e.g., NCBI, ExPASy, GO,…)
· Experimental design and interpretation of results
· Critical analysis of journal papers
· Standard molecular biology techniques, including PCR and primer design, cloning, electrophoresis (agarose and PAGE), DNA and RNA isolation from plants and bacteria, blotting and hybridization
· Robotics: Beckman Biomek, IVEK Digispense, and Hamilton
· Proper handling of potentially hazardous substances


Private Java lessons
Summer 2002

‘Bioinformatics Tools, Databases, and Methods’
UCSC-Extension, Spring 2000

‘Data Analysis, Modeling, and Visualization for Bioinformatics’
UCSC-Extension, Winter 2000

One and two day classes in Unix and Perl

Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
Graduate School, Plant Physiology, Fall 1993

Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa
Bachelor of Arts in Biology, May, 1993


References available upon request.