May 2001



 The first place we always go to is Lower Yosemite Falls, which is a short hike from the main road. You can see both the Upper and Lower Falls here.

 The sign says "Caution; Dangerous area; Slick rock - Swift water; Flash flood area"


 A close-up of the Lower Falls

A young male deer, who kind of spooked us as we tried to pass him



 Before the Big Hike (waiting for the bus to Happy Isles)

We are planning on hiking to the top of Nevada Falls



 Along the way to Vernal Falls

The water levels in May are high, which makes for pretty scenes like this

 Michael takes a rest before starting the Mist Trail

On the Mist Trail, which runs along the Merced River

 The Mist Trail is steep, and very slippery at this time of year

 California is the #1 manufacturer of rainbows in the United States


 Did I mention it was misty?

Gary is speared with a rainbow

 Michael narrowly misses being hit

A view of the Merced from the top of Vernal Falls

 Vernal Falls to the right

 This is a pleasant place to hang out at the top of Vernal. The fence is necessary to keep people from wading in the river (which is about to turn into a waterfall)

 We rest for awhile before making the next leg of the trip to Nevada Falls

Everything in Yosemite is Big

 Bridge at the top of Nevada Falls

View of Upper Yosemite Falls from near the top of Nevada Falls

 Heading back home, you can get an excellent view of Nevada Falls

 On the trail heading back down

 We took a horse trip to Mirror Lake the next day

Gary poses as a horse wrangler

 Our horses were naughty, and kept stopping to eat

Jen looking expert on her horse


 Gary and Jen in a traditional spot in Mirror Lake

Glacier Point opened the day we arrived in Yosemite. From here you can see Vernal Falls (lower center) and Nevada Falls (upper right). We had climbed to the top of Nevada Falls a few days prior.


 Vernal and Nevada Falls on the right, with Half Dome on the left

Lower and Upper Yosemite Falls, as seen from Glacier Point

 Gary and Jen with Half Dome in the background

Michael and Jen; notice the snow on Half Dome and on the peaks behind it.

We used a Kodak DC260 to take these pictures (Gary took most of them)
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