Friends and Family Pictures

Gary has a digital camera, and has been pretty good about putting his pictures on his web page.  So a lot of these are going to be just links to his site.  I plan to scan in a bunch of photos eventually, but it will take some time to get a decent collection up here.







me and Michael


me and Michael


Gary, Emily, and Gary (Xmas 02)




 Gary relaxing on a rock in Yosemite (Labor Day 2001)

 Gary kissing Sushi

 Gary and his Mom (Spring 2001)




 Jen, Tania, and Sangeetha (Hideya and Larry behind us) at Jen's 30th birthday

 Max and Derek

 Gary's Dad and Jessica (Feb 2001)




 Gary after an impressive dinner (February 2001)

 The 5th Marx Brother

 John, Derek, and Max (Feb 03)

Old photos I've scanned in

Our Wedding Page (August 2004)

Our trip to Iowa (June 2003)

My engagement ring (February 14, 2003)

Peace March in San Francisco (February 16, 2003)

Our camping trip in Northern California (July 2002)

Our trip to Yosemite (May, 2001)

Gary's Birthday Balloon Trip (September 1999)

We went to Seattle, Washington in May 1999 to see an Uncle Bonsai concert.  The concert was terrific, and we really liked Seattle, despite the cold.

Here we are snow-shoeing.  This was the first part of a skiing trip that we went on this winter (1998.)  That's Gary's dad attaching the snow-shoes to me.

Older photos from this page

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