June 28, 2003

A penny saved is money

I've been working on a program for the past few days called Maxim Mixup. It's based on a word game I devised a few years ago with Gary. Here's how it works:

There are 2 players (although I suppose there could be more.) The first player thinks of 2 proverbs (or maxims, aphorisms, etc.) that each consist of two parts (e.g. 'An apple a day' would be part A, 'keeps the doctor away' is part B.) He takes part A from the first proverb and combines it with part B from the second proverb (changing the verb conjugation if necessary):

An apple a day is golden

The second player takes part A from the second proverb and combines it with part B from a third proverb:

Silence is paved with good intentions

The play goes back and forth in this manner, until neither player can think of a novel proverb to use, or both players are laughing too hard to think of anything:

The road to hell leads to Rome

Usually we ran out after only a dozen or so (they don't seem to come up in our everyday conversation, so I don't have them fresh in my mind.) Because of this, I was inspired to write a program to generate them automatically for me. I wrote a simple program in perl, then spent yesterday evening and today refining it, debugging it for the web, and getting it to appear as a webpage.

You can see it on my home page or on its own. It still needs a little work, but the basic elements are there. I also want to change the name (I'm thinking something like Proverbial Mixup might be good.)

My next project is to create a party game based on the same premise. But more on that after I actually start work on it.

(A penny saved is a penny earned)
(Time is money)

Posted by Jen at June 28, 2003 10:35 PM