July 08, 2003

Frito and Princess

We got our cats last night. The foster mom, her 2 kids, and her sister came by with the cats to do the final paperwork and make sure we weren't living in a pit. The orange cat (formerly Cecil, temporarily Frito) made himself at home almost immediately. He found the giant cat tree, climbed to the top, and surveyed his surroundings. The brown stripey cat (formerly Sissy, temporarily Princess, Stinky, or Whiney) is not doing as well. She cries a lot. She isn't comfortable going up and down the stairs by herself. And she's sick, possibly with a parasite (she's got diahrea and stinky gas.) Actually, Frito is a little sick, too, but not as bad. He's a much larger cat, though, so if they do have parasites, I would guess that he could get through it much more easily.

Otherwise they are very cute cats. And they get along with each other really well, which is great.

Posted by Jen at July 8, 2003 10:01 AM