November 06, 2004

Jon Stewart's new book can cause early death!

This is what is on's front page when I log in:


I haven't yet read Jon Stewart's new book, America (The Book), but I did flip through it briefly at a friend's house. It doesn't look like the sort of thing that would induce a heart attack; if you're part of the Moral Majority or Religious Right (aka The Winners), though, it just might cause some trouble.
Luckily Amazon has it all figured out and offers a home defibrillator you can buy at the same time. I think they might even offer free shipping if you buy both! I wonder if their lawyers forced them to do this. Gary and I were planning on buying America (The Book), but now I'm not so sure. Is it worth courting death just for a book?

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November 01, 2004

tourist brochures

I received a lot of tourist brochures from Europe before Gary and I went on our honeymoon. The one from Slovenia contains my favorite line:

The Kurent from Ptujsko polije is not just a Mardi Gras figure dressed in sheep and rabbit skins with a long leather nose and tongue, cow horns, cow bells, and a club covered with hedgehog skin but also a creature from Slovene mythology.

Well, imagine that!

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