January 22, 2007

My first Xbox game

I wrote my first Xbox 360 game today! I had been working on a simple 2D game this fall, but took a break during the holidays. I forgot everything I had learned about C#, or so I thought. Gary gave me a one hour crash course reviewing what I had studied, and most of it came back. This evening he helped me load it onto the Xbox so we can see it on the tv in the den.

Saying that it's a simple game would be an overstatement. It consists of a flower that you can move around the screen using the joystick, and when you press the A button it changes color. That's it. But I'm proud of it, and I have plans for a more complicated application that Elliot can play with.

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January 09, 2007


We're having fun dealing with croup here at home this week. Elliot was cranky yesterday afternoon, then started making honking noises when he cried. Gary and I brought him into the pediatrician in the evening, and she quickly diagnosed it as croup. Gary just called from work and said that *he* isn't feeling so great now, either. I had my monthly checkup this morning, and the OB said that while I may get a cold, too, it should't harm the fetus. I'm hoping not to get a cold. :)

Meanwhile, I've had the humidifier on in Elliot's room nearly all day to help with the cough. He slept alright last night, but he's having a hard time settling down this evening (despite only having a 20 minute nap today!)

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