February 24, 2007

Jen and Elliot update

I meant to write this a week or so ago, but when I logged in there were over 300 spam comments I had to delete. By the time I had finished cleaning them all up I had completely forgotten about my post! Spammers go away!!

Elliot had his 18 month checkup 2 weeks ago. He was suppsed to get a couple of shots (HepA and DTaP), but he didn't because he was recovering from a cold. He's still recovering; he has a lingering cough that makes him sound at times like he's a heavy smoker. I plan to take him in to the pediatrician next week, for his shots if he's better, for a checkup if he's not. His growth curves are tracking nicely; he's just below 10% for weight and length.

I had my own checkup the day before Elliot's. Weight gain and blood pressure are good, and we heard the baby's heartbeat loud and clear. I also had to take a glucose test to check for gestational diabetes. This involves fasted for several hours, drinking a bottle of stuff that tasted a lot like Sunkist, waiting an hour, and having blood drawn. Gary took me out to lunch afterwards, although breakfast would have been more appropriate.

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