January 22, 2008

obligatory photo

Because I'm too tired to do anything else, even blog.

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January 07, 2008

Au revoir, Ovomaltine

I discovered Ovomaltine candy bars while Gary and I were on our honeymoon, back in 2004. Not the same as my beloved Yankee bars, but pretty darn tasty. Right before we got on the train from Switzerland to Italy I bought a few more, in part to use up our Swiss francs, and because I knew they'd be the last I'd get for a long time. I brought one home with me and kept it in the fridge, despite all of Gary's teasing. Last night, over three years later, I decided that I really needed to eat it. It was good.


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All I want for Christmas

During the weeks leading up to Christmas, Gary and I would ask Elliot what he wanted. He was very consistent in asking for two lollipops. Santa, being the nice guy that he is, kindly obliged. I am guessing they will last him until next Christmas.



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January 06, 2008

a couple of Elliot funnies

A few nights ago I was reading a book to the kids and Elliot pointed to a picture. "That's a wheel-bagel!" he said. I corrected him, "No, that's a wheelbarrow." Elliot laughed and said, "I said 'wheel-bagel.' That's funny!"

This afternoon on the way home we were listening to music in the car. Elliot asked (well, demanded) that we turn it off, in typical two year old fashion:
"Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off!"
Gary turned off the music.
"Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off!"
Gary stopped the turning signal.
"Turn that noise off! Turn that noise off! Turn that noise...what happened to that noise?"

(Gary and I cracked up laughing as quietly as we could, while Elliot asked us what that noise was.)

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January 04, 2008

Christmas photos

Lexi took an extra long 45 minute nap today, so I was able to grab some photos off my camera. All from Christmas in Napa.
Christmas morning

Typical sibling antics

Laughing on the sofa

Only one person is taking a nap in this photo

Raychel, Lexi, and Gary Sr.

Elliot examines his new computer

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January 03, 2008


I had intended on uploading some Christmas photos of the kids last week, but, well, never did. So here are a few I took after Christmas.



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a catalog free 2008

I recently found out about the website Catalog Choice. It allows you to opt out of receiving specific catalogs in the mail. So far I've only opted out of 3 catalogs, but only because I recycled a huge stack of them at the end of year before finding out about this site. This article from Business Week says that most retailers are ignoring requests to take names off their mailing lists from this site. I am interested in how many catalogs I can get to honor my request through Catalog Choice.

Sign up! Save a tree!

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